String Orchestra

Made up of intermediate string players, String Orchestra gives students a chance to focus on string-specific technique while playing and performing in an ensemble setting.


Under the guidance of educator Andrea Ferguson, students benefit from individual attention and expert pedagogy as they grow as string players and well-rounded musicians.


For a significant portion of String Orchestra musicians, this is the first true ensemble experience. Previous group lessons may have been mostly unison or duet parts, and in String Orchestra, students learn what it means to listen—and respond—to multiple voices in a performance.


Additionally, they study musical concepts to prepare them for more advanced repertoire, such as multiple-octave scales, shifting to (and beyond) third position, vibrato, and advanced bow techniques.


Techniques and fundamentals studied in String Orchestra help prepare students physically for the requirements of harder repertoire, just as the increasingly complex and interwoven parts help prepare them mentally.


Weekly rehearsals are on Thursdays from 5:30-6:50PM in

Room 603 of the  Logan Center for the Arts.