“Most of all the arts require empathy, and we need that now more than ever.”

The Hyde Park Youth Symphony brings together diverse students from the south side of Chicago and beyond to provide a high-quality orchestral performance experience and education as a training ground for the next generation of performers, educators, and advocates of music and the arts.

Vision and Values

Joining together to perform and grow as musicians, HPYS students from a diversity of racial, ethnic, educational, and economic backgrounds will gain a sense of civic pride through their achievements in music and will develop a love of music to last a lifetime. 

We reach for performance excellence through personal commitment and group effort, supported by our families and communities. We draw strength from our commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity, and our local South Side focus.  We insist on a culture of respect for one another, sharing responsibility for maintaining a learning and performance environment conducive to artistic creation and growth. 


We’re where you are.

The South Side deserves a vibrant orchestral experience here, in the South Side. With students from six zip codes, ten schools, and over twenty neighborhoods, we are the community youth orchestra that serves the entire South Side of Chicago.