Board Of Directors

As of September 2020

Dakarai Barclay

Shanett Coleman-Sarr

Caryl Gout, Immediate Past President

Jeffrey Harvey

Timika Hoffman-Zoller

Kathy Huff

Teshera Hull

Cindy Jurisson

Peter Lane

Liliana Sekula-Lark, Leadership Circle Chair

Francine Lynch

Lorraine Oakes

Heather Schuster

Michele Seidl

Linda Diamond Shapiro, Board Co-chair

Theodora Shih, Recording Secretary

Kathryn Smous, Board Co-chair

Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom

Executive Committee

Linda Shapiro

Kathryn Smous

Heather Schuster

Francine Lynch

Cindy Jurisson

Finance Committee

Kathryn Smous

Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom

Jeff Harvey

Advancement Committee

Liliana Sekula-Lark

Michele Seidl

Heather Schuster

Cindy Jurisson

Timika Hoffman-Zoller

Lorraine Oakes

Communications Committee

Kathy Huff

Teshera Hull

Shannet Coleman

Hyde Park Youth Symphony Leadership Circle

As of September 2020

The Leadership Circle brings together friends and supporters of the Hyde Park Youth Symphony to help advance our mission to provide an outstanding orchestral experience for committed musicians from across the south side.  Leadership Circle members support the organization through a number of voluntary efforts, helping us to make connections, and participating in profile-raising activities.  The Leadership Circle meets once or twice annually.  For more information, contact Liliana Lark,

Clarise Assad

Renee Baker

Amy Boonstra

Kevin Conlon

Robert Despres

Jamey Fadim

Bill Gerstein

Sonia Kupfer

Keenya Lambert

Susan Levitin

Nancy Levner

Emily Master

Mary Naftzger

Billy Puckett

Christiane Ronneberg

Barbara Schubert

Sheila Schwartz

Martha van Haitsma

Paula Worthington

Liliana Lark, Board Liaison


Letter from the Board Co-chairs

Thank you for your interest in the Hyde Park Youth Symphony.


The Hyde Park Youth Symphony brings together diverse students from across the south side of Chicago to provide a high-quality orchestral performance experience as a training ground for the next generation of performers, educators, and advocates of music and the arts.


HPYS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a history spanning several decades, serving young people from public, private, and home school programs, from diverse racial, ethnic, educational, and economic backgrounds.  Our program fills a significant gap, providing a voluntary, private sector response to declining school-based opportunities for orchestral performance and classical music appreciation. Our activist board and donors make it possible for all committed students to participate by keeping tuition low and providing full and partial scholarships as needed.


Every year, we recruit 90 or more south side students who rehearse weekly at the David and Reval Logan Center.  The program is organized around serious pedagogy, assuring that students learn theory and become well-grounded in ensemble performance. Our leaders are pedagogic risk-takers, eager to bring fresh approaches such as finding performance opportunities in new community locations, and organizing field trips, master classes and unique collaborations.


Our orchestral programs include our signature youth symphony, a string orchestra to encourage newer players, an honors quartet that plays in multiple local venues, and chamber ensembles.  We are currently in our third year of partnership with Progressive Beulah Pentecostal Church in Auburn Gresham where we provide weekly brass instruction at the church.  


Our students perform in three major annual concerts, this year scheduled at the Logan Center. They also offer multiple community performances in collaboration with other south side arts and community events.


Our south side neighborhoods are far from homogeneous; south side programs are often challenged to collaborate across the many boundaries that divide us--race, culture, economics, beliefs and values. We take pride in offering a program that allows students with a range of talents and backgrounds to come together across these many boundaries to make beautiful music together.


We deeply appreciate the interest of friends and collaborators in supporting this cultural gem on the South Side to bring great music and a unique collaborative experience to our students.  We welcome the opportunity to explore ways to promote engagement with our youth symphony.


Best to all,


Linda Diamond Shapiro

Board Co-chair

Kathryn Smous

Board Co-chair 

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